It’s Berlin, baby!


Yes life is crazy, unpredictable and full of surprises. I broke up with my “3 and a little bit more” years long boyfriend/fiance and moved to Germany. I took a challenge to start my life completely new, all alone, no money, no friends, no knowledge in International law,the  study program I will be attending for the next 2 or more years.

Some would say, I am crazy…some would say save the relationship you have, because they did not really know the ugly truth and struggles.

Then came a moment, when I realised I cannot tell the difference between lies and reality anymore. My life was an ongoing play between reality and fairytale, which I created for others.

It had to STOP! This probably was one of the hardest decisions in my life, because believe me or not I loved this man with all my heart.

I left him and my old life and moved to Germany, where nobody knew me and I did not know anybody. New chapter of my life!The only thing I took with me, was ability to sence the lies. I now the psychology of the human being very well. This has always been my little secret. Almost  always in the very first  moment I meet someone I can tell his intentions and character from little things in his behaviour. I was used to sence and search for lies and be suspicious  in my previous relationships and this is the habit I cannot get rid of….

I moved to German city called Dresden. I started my studies. I met new people. I started to recover and forget my old life. I felt relieved, that I must not lie to my family and friends. The beginning was hard, but I was in control. Finnaly I felt good. Nightmares I saw everynight started to slowly dissapear.

I liked the studies and the city of Dresden.  I also got accepted as one of schoolarship recipients for German Parliament, called Bundestag. Starting 1st of March I am moving to Berlin for 5 month. Lets see what the future holds.

Anonymous 🙂



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