Where is my Home?


I am in Berlin! Being here brings back memories. I have been in Berlin many times for different reasons, but never for such a long time. At least 5 month I will call Berlin my Home. How many Homes one person can actually have?

I have a Home in Riga, where I was born and raised. I will always feel the link to my Home there. My mom and my grandma place. My room. My things. Memories I left there.  My brother’s place, where I am always welcomed. My friends and relatives.  It’s hard to imagine, that one year ago my life was totally different.

My Home in Poland. For past 3 Years I called it my second Home. I even thought it would become my real Home. Even thought the love to a man, who I thought would be my husband for life, is gone.

I have a Home in Dresden.  A Home to return to after Berlin. This Home will stay in my memory forever. At first I thought it would be just my getaway place to start all from nothing, but it become something more. I was reborn there and this is the something I will never forget. I have changed everything and by everything I mean Everything.

I met someone special there, who captured my heart and opened other world to me. He inspires me even not knowing that. He is the one I have been looking my whole life for even thought he does not realize that. He is the one I will never forget and the memories I will cherish for the rest of my life. Deep in my heart I know this fairytale has no happy ending, but I keep living it and every second, every minute, every moment spent with him my heart fills with love, which is growing stronger and stronger.

I have a Home in Berlin..this is Home for now and I do not know what the future holds.

All I know that I want to find a Home, Home I can call my Home.

Anonymous (:



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