Life in Berlin!


I want to talk about my life in Berlin. It has been more than a month I moved the big capital of Germany Berlin.

Berlin is large,  progressive, multicultural, controversial, bright, beautiful, amazing, loud, exciting and welcoming at the same time. Berlin has a lot to offer, you just have to take it.  Live it. Enjoy it.

I live in a district called Lichtenberg, it is East Berlin and it is Russian district. I live in Plattenbau, it is a tipical kid of building in ex Soviet countries. My Appartment has one bedroom, living room, kichen, hallway and bathroom/WC. I cannot comlain. The appartment is quite nice. The wiev is nothing exciting thought.

The reason why I am in Berlin is I got accepted as one of the 115 International Parliament schoolarship recipients from 28 countries.  For 5 month I am the intern in German Parliament-Bundestag. I enjoy my job and the expierience that I get there is unvaluable.




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