1st day and shopping!


Today I woke up quite late, because yesterday I could not sleep very well. Lately my routine is all messed up.

Anyway I got up, drink glass of water and took a shower, then went shopping.

I bought quite a lot of things for the next week. I bought vegetables and fruits, but I also could not resist and bought some unhealthy snacks 😦 And this is my biggest problem. I bought some tortilla chips and cookies and a bit of chocolate.

I made myself  2 sandwiches with cheese and I ate two 4 paces of chocolate. For dinner I made myself a salad and I drunk a glass of Airan, which is a yoghurt mixed with water. It tastes salty and very good.

I really need to start exercising and being more active.  Next Thursday a very good friend of mine is coming to visit me for one day. I need to lose some weight, because I know, when she arrives I want to have some snack.


Anonymous (:




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